Final Fantasy Tactics [1998] ANALYSIS

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Tactics [1998] ANALYSIS”

  1. 2015, I still playing this amazing game (but the WotL remake) on my smartphone. Loved your review. Just one little thing that drives me crazy: where the f*** can I reach that “mission” above Deep Dungeon (Midlights’ Deep)?! I played this game like for 500+ hours along 10+ years, and I’ve never seen it before.
    Hope you still answering here hehe


    1. Yes, we know what you mean. Final Fantasy Tactics is so competent and so fun. It does not need super hi-res graphics for its great gameplay. It is still a standard unmet by most SRPGs that have come since. We are preparing a fun analysis for War of the Lions, by the way, (it gave us another excuse to play through Matsuno’s tour de force) so follow Play What You Like for notifications.

      As for Midlight’s Deep, getting through is challenging. But we surmise that you have a strong roster after all those hours. If you are referring to the last battle of Midlight’s Deep, the one with Elidibus and Zodiark, you need to get to the tenth and final level. You know that the exit squares change randomly, and you need to find an exit square to have the option to return to that level after restarting. We would suggest the strategy guide to see these levels fully revealed.

      You have great taste in SRPGs. We are fond of the entire Matsuno family of games. Thank you for stopping by. Keep commenting and keep asking questions. We will have another game analysis up soon.


  2. I don’t understand your hatred of endings that aren’t full of roses and sunshine. Can’t you appreciate a decent tragedy, at least? I thought it was rather touching with Delita wondering what happened to Ramza in the end. Did you not pay much attention?
    Then again, judging by your other reviews, you don’t seem to care much for in-depth stories in the first place.
    Also, I’ll have you know that Time Mage is one of the most broken classes in the game alongside Calculator, and definitely worth staying in to pick up most of it’s spells. Haste is probably one of the best spells in the game on the simple premise of giving you more turns.


    1. We appreciate your passion on this topic, Roadside, just not your lack of decorum.

      Hatred is a strong word. But certainly we dislike overly tragic, black hole of depression endings. Unlike other mediums where you might go in with an idea of the ending you will receive (like a movie), a game requires many hours to get to an unknown end. In the case of an SRPG many, many hours. It’s why video games usually involve defeating the bad guys. You don’t see games advertised with lines like, “The Saddest, Most Pointless Ending of 2016!”

      “In depth” stories, as you say, do not have to be depressing. It’s about investment and return. Investment of time, energy, and emotion. Of course we are okay with poignant endings, even bittersweet endings. But the outright depressing variant we got in this playthough was unworthy of such an awesome game.

      As for the time mage, we don’t exactly know what you mean by “broken.” It is difficult to tell from your comment. Were they too powerful or too weak? Anyway, we re-read our thoughts on them and are going to modify the entry just slightly. Thank you for pointing us to this topic and letting us think on it afresh. The time mage was one of the more fun secondary classes in the game, and definitely worthwhile. Our comment also referred to a “tide changing” spell. “Haste” is a fine spell for those whose style it works for (although it wasn’t a go-to spell for us.) Whether you like “Haste” or not, its effects manifest over time, and are not an immediate “tide changer.”


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