Dragon Force [1996] ANALYSIS

2 thoughts on “Dragon Force [1996] ANALYSIS”

  1. Dragon Force isn’t meant to be “A force with Dragons” or “A Force Composed solely of Dragons”.

    It is “The Force of The (Holy) Dragon (Harsgalt).”

    You say you don’t face Dragons? So it is true that you didn’t finish the game. You spent 35 hours doing what, staring at the menu? You started your “review” with a big fallacy, if anyone else reads this, they are being misled because you couldn’t bother to figure the game out.

    – Dragonmen as troops;
    – Vangal (Hidden Character) Dragonman
    – Gigg (Tradnor general) Dragonman
    – Zado (Boss, event related) Dragonman

    – Graggel, Karakk, Klaww, Krystiss, Paxx, Razor, Skugg, Blakk, Dugglar, Fynn, Grog, Slytt and Tazzax, all Dragonmen that you have to fight at certain points in the game.

    I keep on reading your “reviews” and what I notice is that you make it a “Time Trial” thing to play these games, discarding the story / content the game gives you to understand it, judging by how you completely misinterpreted the game’s name. Same thing applied to Shining Force III, which, in my opinion, does not help me taking your reviews seriously.

    It is more than fine to have your opinion on a game. You might not like a particular one for one reason or another, but using your opinion, slapping “funny” jokes and “memes” and “funny” gifs in them does not really make them a review, much less when you did not seem too interested in completing the game. I would advise you to actually watch Youtube playthroughs of Dragon Force – I do have a few on my channel if you manage to find them, and you will see that there are, indeed, Dragons in the game.


    1. Sorry you seem to lack a sense of humor. We here like to laugh as well as enjoy our favorite genre. And don’t try to flavor our entire compendium because of your bias towards Dragon Force. Most people who play it will be more aligned with us than a purist who has spent 300 hours trying to pull out every hidden detail for their YouTube channel.

      We run into overly serious gamers like you from time to time. No one likes SRPGs more than us, but that doesn’t mean we will say everything about a game is great, nor will we indulge a game longer than what is right to extract information that should be communicated more easily. That said, we clearly enjoyed Dragon Force and thought it a good 35 hour play. Yes we didn’t finish the game and said so right at the top of the page. And we’re not sure what you’re talking about regarding our analyses of Shining Force III Scenario One or Shining Force III Scenario Two. Both games were analyzed well and positively, with 80 hour and 55 hour plays respectively. There was no so-called “time trial” there, nor did we misinterpret the titles.

      To illustrate further, few are bigger fans of the Star Wars franchise than us here at Play What You Like, but that doesn’t mean that anybody can convince us that The Last Jedi is anything more than a stinking pile of poo.

      Almost assuredly our lead architect has more years in the games industry than you. We stand by his insight, our extensive record of played SRPGs, and the voluminous analyses offered at Play What You like. Yes, we include fun and humorous pictures to balance the details of our bullet points, and we don’t apologize for it.

      Normally we enjoy interacting with knowledgeable gamers like yourself. Their insight in the past has helped us improve our analyses. And even yours will, despite your bad attitude. We will amend our opening section to include a mention of “dragonmen.” If you enjoy this genre, and we believe you do, we would urge you to peruse our analyses with a smile, and perhaps we all will gain from your experience.


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