Rebelstar Tactical Command [2005] ANALYSIS

4 thoughts on “Rebelstar Tactical Command [2005] ANALYSIS”

    1. Thanks for dropping by again JosephSeraph (and for the nice compliment). Your comment does give us some insight into the thoughts the game developers had regarding Gordo. We did not care for him, and apparently that was by design. This was such a special little game. Gez Fry made some fine looking art for the project, and the play was lean, intelligent, and fun. We cite this game often for its many good qualities. It’s too bad they never did make Rebelstar II…

      BTW, we checked out your art. Good stuff. Some fun stuff. It is interesting to see it come together in your time-lapse movies. We share your fondness for game art, and pushing pixels is a very specialized skill. We know this, as the chief architect of Play What You Like spent many years in the games industry. Keep on commenting as you see fit, and good luck with your continuing artistic endeavors.


  1. Hey because of this site i feel in love with Rebelstar Tactical Command i really enjoy this game. Do you have more concept art from the cancelled game Rebelstar Tactical Command 2?


    1. Great comment. Your assessment of this game is on target! We have significantly updated this post, see the notes above for details. We have included some more Rebelstar II concept art by Gez Fry. A great game deserves a great post. Thanks for stopping by.


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