Kartia [1998] ANALYSIS

3 thoughts on “Kartia [1998] ANALYSIS”

  1. Play Kartia, it’s awesome!
    No, honestly. It is. I agree with 90% of this post, although I personally give more credit to the music (as I quite often listen to it and it is amongst my favourite soundtracks) and the amano artwork (and how it was imported into the game)
    The sprite STYLE is a bit bad though. It is wayyyy too underdetailed. But that’s not because of Amano.
    Anyway thanks for the awesome article! ❤


    1. Thank you JosephSeraph. Your comment gave us an opportunity to reevaluate our thoughts on the Kartia soundtrack. We found the theme coming back to us with an easy thought. A good sign. Like so much of this fine game, they maintain their own unique style even in the score. And seeing how many games offer much more limited soundtracks, we want to give Kartia props for one that is full sized. So we actually moved our point from “Good and Bad” into “Good.” A rare, post posting occurrence.

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      1. Oh wow I’m glad to hear so! Makes me happy! Kartia & Brigandine will forever remain some of my favourite SRPGs ever, as well as SaGa being one of my favourite franchises for JRPGs. There’s something in their boldness that makes them quite unlike anything else.
        Speaking of soundtracks, I invite you to try and listen to Brigandine Grand Edition’s soundtrack, an early compositional work by Disgaea’s composer (whose name I can’t remember), which is quite a bit more serious in tone (rare for him) but still has his signature sound style!

        Anyway thanks for reading and I ❤ your blog! 😀


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