Vandal Hearts II [1999] ANALYSIS

2 thoughts on “Vandal Hearts II [1999] ANALYSIS”

  1. Old article. Personally I found myself enamored with the story, but I’m a fan of long-winded tales of intrigue and mysteries; I believe that it is an objectively superior game when compared to the first entry in the series, having far more options and playing time. I won’t try to persuade or dissuade anybody from playing, but it’s probably worth seeing if you like the game.


    1. Thanks for weighing in. Never be concerned about old posts here. We enjoy discussing SRPGs both old and new any time. That’s one of the reasons we’re constructing this online record game by game.

      Story enjoyment can be a very subjective thing, so we’ll gladly give you leeway in that department. It’s interesting that we enjoyed the story of Kartia so much more than that of Vandal Hearts II. Both are similar upon surface consideration; Kartia’s story is also deliberately delivered, lengthy, and of a generally sober tone. Perhaps it lies in the execution.

      It’s quite true that Vandal Hearts II will yield more play time. That’s a plus over the original Vandal Hearts, but we think it’s due to the complex simultaneous combat system more than extra story content. Maybe you can elaborate on your point about options.

      We definitely agree with you that Vandal Hearts II is worth checking out. SRPG fans will discover a challenging and unique combat system. You have us thinking about this analysis. It needs a formatting update, so perhaps we will reconsider some our points as well. So weigh in some more if you would like. We enjoy informed opinion and knowledgeable chat.

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