Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena [1998] ANALYSIS

8 thoughts on “Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena [1998] ANALYSIS”

  1. would love to play it again! too bad my brigandine cd doesn’t work anymore. well the only drawback there is the ugly 3d battle scenes and summoning. i wish they would made a seq with more heroes and monster classes


    1. It is hard to find a playable solution, but not impossible. Brigandine would be a fine addition to the PSN store. Will SONY do it? It would certainly help many who enjoyed this game play it again.

      You are right about the CGI cut scenes. Very dated. A skip option should be added for any new release. Good point about the classes. We found the monster class upgrades a lot of fun, and in light of the Pokemon craze, perhaps ahead of their time.


      1. Hey, it’s never too late at Play What You Like. Here we have an ongoing exploration of this fun genre.

        Thanks for stopping by and for the tip regarding the animations. We updated the point in the analysis for clarification.



  2. I would like to share with you the grassroots project Wills and Wonders. Wills and Wonders takes the basic concept that Brigandine had and expands on it; Providing faster gameplay with even more strategy, while staying true to large scale hexagonal turn based combat.
    See more at Steam Greenlight
    and my Facebook page


    1. Your game project looks interesting. You know we understand what it takes to make a game. Hexagonal systems are unusual and have their own challenges.

      We don’t always analyze big budget SRPG titles. Right now we are playing Tactics Maiden for android. So who knows, if your game gets completed we might see here at Play What You Like. Best of luck to you.


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