Pokemon Conquest [2012] ANALYSIS

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Conquest [2012] ANALYSIS”

    1. Thanks Siveon. Oh, we are still here, and still have more analyses to post. Glad you liked this one. We went the extra grid square because Pokemon is such a popular franchise. Also, quite frankly, because it had so much fun cosplay to choose from as well.

      Umbreon Cosplay Well Done


  1. This was definitely a spot-on review of the Conquest game. And yes, the cosplay is always fun (or funny). I really enjoyed this game, especially after I learned my way through the % compatibilities of my recruits and their Pokemon. I wish I had known that going in so I could have had a more compatible Lapras. 😦 But since I was never able to have an Eeevee evolve in any other Pokemon game, I went to town evolving my Eevees and finally got a Vaporeon for the first time. I was elated, and I was not displeased by how awesome it was in battle. 😉 I would also have to agree with you that the game should not have been split into separate halves. I would have played the second half had I got to keep all of the Pokemon I worked so hard for, but the game designers were going a whole different route. No matter what, it was all worth the game play in the end.


    1. Good to hear from you Nanobitz. Lapras was cool——with ice beams! We like ice, and do wonder why they made that story delineation. It was too much content tacked on after the story was done. Not the way SRPGs roll.

      So you liked vaporean? It was indeed strong in this game, hitting three squares in a row, straight out forward. And while flareon may look cool in this picture… with a steampunk trainer? Well, anyway, flareon only hit one square immediately in front of it. Not so “hot.” Thanks for stopping by.

      Steampunk Pokemon Trainer?


      1. Uncanny! Did you unknowingly choose this picture?? It is of one of my favorite movies, and thus favorite characters! Nausicaa! And “steampunk” would be an excellent description too. I would agree that the fox-squirrel on her shoulder does look much like a Flareon. If Nausicaa did have a Pokemon, Flareon would indeed rank high among her choices I’m sure. A stupendous picture choice, and one that I think goes well with Pokemon. 😉


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