Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [2003] ANALYSIS

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [2003] ANALYSIS”

  1. Thank you for this in-depth analysis of this classic game; I haven’t had time to play many of these older games yet but you hit upon an important point that the game engines are sometimes hidden by being tied to specific game rather than developed for use by others.


    1. Thanks for checking this one out DhyvD. It is good to know others out there appreciate Matsuno classics like this one. Your comment brought this analysis to our attention again, and we thought it needed a little bit more. So we added a bunch of pictures and polished the points (January 2016).

      Yes, about this engine, perhaps Square thought it too good to sell, and perhaps figured they would be doing more SRPGs in the future. We wonder how much of this engine was ported over to the DS for Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

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